Ann-Sofie Isaksson

I am a researcher in development economics, currently based at the University of Gothenburg and Örebro University. My research interests and empirical work cover a broad range of issues, including aid effectiveness, governance, inequality, institutional development, gender inequality and African economic development more broadly. My current work is part of the project ”Impacts of new forms of aid: Governance challenges and distributional consequences”.

Work in progress

”Geospatial impact evaluation: A new approach to aid evaluation”, EBA (Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys) report, 2017, mimeo.

“Racing to the bottom? Chinese development projects and trade union involvement in Africa”, with Andreas Kotsadam, 2017, mimeo.

“Chinese aid and local corruption”, with Andreas Kotsadam, AidData Working Papers 33, December 2016.


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